Breeder and Distributor of World’s Smallest-Class Laboratory Minipig.

How to Order

If you wish to purchase, please contact us by using the contact mail form indicating the number of pigs, gender (male / female), age range (weight), and expected delivery date etc. Our staff will contact you for confirmation of further details.
Our Microminipig is solely developed as a laboratory animal. We do not distribute it as a companion animal.

Transportation / Delivery

Our Microminipigs will be delivered from Japan Fujigane Farm to your designated locations through land transportation or air transportation by our company or our partner courier. Shipping costs will be varied depending on your delivery location, shipping method, and number of pigs, etc. The estimate will be informed upon your order separately.


The individual price of Microminipig varies according to its gender, age, and grade (CSF vaccination status / clean). Please refer to the price list.

Immuno-suppressed Microminipig (Made-to-Order)

Direct sales price : 500,000JPY (Tax not included)

Various Disease Model (Made-to-Order)

Please inquire.

Specialized feed for Microminipig is also available.

Microminipig can be reared on a commercial pig feed, but we also sell a specialized feed (“MMP Pellets”) jointly developed with Nisshin Marubeni Feed Co., Ltd. We welcome your order for the special feed as well.