Breeder and Distributor of World’s Smallest-Class Laboratory Minipig.

What is Microminipig?

It is a unique laboratory pig developed by our company. It is small and can be handled in a dog cage with a weight of less than 10kg and a body length of less than 80cm at 6 months of age. The breed has been fixed in breeding in Japan from a small potbelly strain as its origin and maintained its closed flock since 2009. It has 8 SLA gene types and can be offered in white and colored bodies (i.e. silver, black and amber) [color reservation possible].

Growth of Microminipig

An average 6-month-old Microminipig weighs under 10kg and even a
2-year-old one weighs about 25kg.It is super-compact compared to
regular pigs.

0 month old/approx. 0.3kg

 2 months old/approx. 4kg

4 months old/approx. 6kg

6 months old/approx. 9kg

1 year old/approx. 15kg

2 years old/approx. 25kg
Growth curve of Microminipig

Available Grades

Our company deals with two grades of Microminipigs.
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Conventional Grade

  • Bred in isolation environment based on our own monitoring standards
  • Vaccinated on Mycoplasma disease
  • Handling of various types of CSF vaccinated/non-vaccinated pigs

Clean Grade
(Made-to-Order Production)

  • Born by caesarean section, reared by human hand, and bred in a dedicated facility
  • Immuno-suppressed model by thymectomy is also available

Made-to-Order Production

To order, please consult through the contact mail form.

Immuno-suppressed Microminipig

  • Microminipig with induced immunity suppression by surgical removal of thymus gland.
  • Because it is not a transgenic animal, it can be handled in regular laboratory settings.
  • Clean grade animal fully nursed by human hands.

Immuno-suppressed Microminipig (PDF)

Various Disease Model

Arteriosclerosis Microminipig

  • Arteriosclerosis model realized by management of controlled feeding.
  • Feeding management during the experiment period can be contracted to our farm.

Chronic Renal Failure Microminipig

  • Chronic renal failure model realized with five-sixths of a kidney surgically removed.
  • Young models and older models can be created, and moderate renal failure status is maintained with normal rearing.
  • Feeding management during the experiment period can be contracted to our farm.

Five-sixths nephrectomy model in microminipigs


Please consult us for other disease models.

Other Services

  • We can provide organs and other body parts of Microminipig on demand.
  • We also provide practical skills, handling support, and lectures on how to handle Microminipig.
  • We also sell original feed (dedicated for Microminipig) jointly developed with Nisshin Marubeni Feed Co., Ltd.

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